Scripted NFL And Their Shady Number Patterns 

The NFL is a scripted league! A league that manufactures late game drama, orchestrates nail biting finishes with week to week upsets all the while controlling an over arcing narrative to keep the high ratings flowing right on through to the last few seconds of one of the most highly viewed spectacles on the planet – the Super Bowl!

Without understanding much about why the NFL would script games, and go to such great lengths to cover up Patriots cheating, or the shady off the field behavior committed by players of its glorified organization you would think one might atleast start to suspect that something must be up, no?

If you don’t understand why the NFL might create bogus narratives like deflategate that distract the fans and even some curious outsiders from the more dark and shady truths such as the time the Patriots “Arch Nemesis” Roger Goodell ordered league officials charged with collecting Spygate evidence (recorded tapes and films) from the Patriots organization in Foxboro, MA to DESTROY THE EVIDENCE ON SITE, then you might at least begin to suspect that something just ain’t right?! Destroying approximately 6 years worth of illegal recordings that the Patriots had both blatantly, and underhandedly collected – destroyed without a sliver of a review by the orders of the Patriots SUPPOSED “Arch Nemesis” Roger Goodell (yeah right give us a break) “Arch Nemesis” my A** more like “Guardian Angel Goodell”. Roger Goodell most high guardian and protector of the NFL’s most shady and “successful” organization of the 2000’s era “the New England Patriots.” The Spygate Film that was eerily collected on 31 other teams over the course of about 6 years was destroyed ON SITE by Goodells orders. Why?

Wouldn’t the commissioner of the NFL want to have those tapes brought back to New York for review at NFL headquarters where one would have thought an official review of years worth of cheating might take place by all 32 owners – 31 of whom had fallen victim to such underhandedness as was these in game recordings.?

Even without knowing much about  who, what, why, where, or when such scripted and fixed things are and continuously do occur, anyone with even a slight interest who has watched even one or two NFL games over the last decade (never mind the most die hard fans such as myself) would have to start to wonder, to ponder, to atleast begin to suspect the “foul” play their teams (including my own beloved packers) have had to endure. To wonder about the “tragic roles” our smaller market teams, and even our larger market teams who wait to be chosen as the next great championship team have had to endure. Teams who continue to play their “tragic roles” (tragic for the fans) who wait and wait for it to be their turn to finally sit at the top of the hill as champions amid an unprecedented array of scripted, pre-ordained Patriot Super Bowl runs and feel good retiree story lines (manning, lewis, etc.) that to the dismay of many a viewer fulfill the NFL’s rarely gratifying often unsatisfying “League Agenda.”

Without understanding why a bunch of rich owners and a multi billion dollar a year business might want to cover up cheating by its most successful team of the 2000’s (the New England Patriots), you would still think one would start to question this incessant, and annoying pattern of Brady led Super Bowl runs?  Without understanding why they would want to script close games to keep ratings up through to the final moments of almost every NFL game, games that generate more of that TV/Advitiser Money, you would think one would have to start to ponder the myriad of close games every single week, Sunday through Sunday (season through season, Super Bowl through Super Bowl)? One would think people might begin to question the validity of these “NFL Story Lines” and to ask themselves why the NFL would want to create brother vs brother Super Bowl match ups or let guys like Peyton manning and Ray Lewis ride off into the sunset with a Super Bowl ring.? Allowing their “stars” to top off their already illustrious careers with magically acquired jewelry via a miraculous “will-driven” title run? I mean who really knows why anyone in the position to control the narrative and outcomes of its own games (like the NFL is) and the position to make more and more money (by putting over larger market teams) and generate more and more views by doing so (like the NFL) would do just that? Na instead I’m sure these guys would rather uphold the integrity of the game and let the teams compete in a fair and unbiased environment and let the chips fall where they may (yeah, right, ain’t happening).

Instead of using gematria and numerology, symbols and mythology, as well as astrology and other esoteric sciences to code and layer already heavily scripted games I’m sure they just leave their esoteric knowledge out of mundane matters like football.

Yeah I’m pretty sure that the Mason’s 47th problem of Euclid about establishing foundation never plays into the NFL’s “Script”… I’m pretty sure numbers like 113 a number highly associated with and often said to be the number of Scottish rite freemasonry doesn’t factor into their scripted circus any more often than any other number. In fact people who are that high up probably don’t need to worry about anything but the money , or do they? Maybe owners like Bob Kraft (a Zionist?) who visits Israel (a state founded/established in 1947, home to a myriad of Kaballah Centres) multiple times a year doesn’t even care about Kabalistic practices or their implementation into a game he practically owns. ? But maybe he does care , maybe the NFL does too, I mean the first Super Bowl after all was played in the 47th season of the NFL, just last week Aaron Rodgers got the ball back with 1:13 (113) left on the clock and led an amazing game winning drive to beat Dallas by throwing the dagger of all daggers to Davante Adams in the End Zone with 11 seconds left on the clock (11 being a master number). Just Two days ago Sunday October 15, 2017 I watched the clock get stopped in the Patriots game against the jets with 11:30 seconds left on 3rd and 11 (113 forward and backwards) looked at my girlfriend and said “here comes the touchdown” sure enough from the jets 33 yard line (33 a masonic number) Brady to Gronk , Touch Down 😝.

gronk td 3rd and 11

Screenshot (4)

3rd and 11 TD

Screenshot (4)

47 is a huge number to those who script these games So much so that there is even a brand that sells sports team apparel named/labeled 47. visit them at in case you didn’t want to take my word for it. 47 is coded into games all the time not just in football but in other sports across the professional sports spectrum. 47 and 113 are sneakily and sometimes obviously blasted in front of our faces like a criminal calling card or the catchy jingle played during the transitions of our favorite tv shows. One of the most obvious examples of which was a 2017 Thursday night game recently aired between my beloved Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears.

On top of it being the longest rivalry in the NFL and the rivalry being tied 94-94-6 respectively between both teams at the start of the game – this (tie-breaking) game had 47 written all over it (with some vintage 113 mixed in, ofcourse). On the Packers opening drive against the Bears the Packers starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers went 5 of 6 for 47 yards passing and a touchdown to start things off. On the Bears opening drive against the Packers Clay Matthews #52 forced a fumble  which was recovered by Jake Ryan who happens to wear #47.

And the 47 train kept on rolling when 47 actual minutes into the broadcast the referee awarded the Bears the Ball when a Green Bay Challenge came up unsuccessful after what “appeared” to the Packers to be a Green Bay fumble recovery and what looked at the time like a Chicago Player accidentally touched the football after a Packers punt scraped the back edge of his glossy cleat (which would make it a “live” ball  elgigible for recovery by Green Bay). However after review the referee announced at exactly 47 minutes into the broadcast that the ball was determined to be untouched by Chicago and therefore still  the Bears ball on their own 42 yard line. Immediately before the next play from scrimmage (directly proceeding the referees minute 47 announcement awarding the Bears the ball ) a stat box appeared with the stats of the Chicago Bears first three offensive possessions. Wouldn’t you know there were multiple 113 tributes inside that stat box.

For starters the Bears first drive which ended in a fumble recovered by #47 Jake Ryan was a 1 play –13 yard drive 1 and 13 combine for the 113. The second drive the Bears had was a 3 minute and 11 second drive that ended in a fumble recovered by Blake Martinez of the Green Bay Packers.  3 minutes and 11 seconds as we can see is another 113. This stat line was “oddly” enough as “fate” would have it  proceeded by the call the referee made exactly 47 minutes into the broadcast awarding Chicago the ball. This “113” Stat Box Itself appearing quite “coincidentally” in the 47th minute of the NFL broadcast.

To finish the 1st quarter of the game the Bears reached the packers 47 yard line. With this ball on the Green Bay 47 the game was sent into a 47 minute storm delay. 47 minutes exactly!

Screenshot (3)

47 Minute Delay

Screenshot (3)

To end the storm delay (lightning delay) the Bears started the 2nd quarter on the packers 47 yard line – obviously this being the case as that’s where the Bears left off to start the rain delay and finish the first quarter of the game.

Then to put the icing on the cake at 11:57 in the 3rd quarter the Bears were flagged for holding on 3rd down with 10 yards to go. The Packers knowing that the Bears would be able to attempt a 47 yard field goal if they declined the penalty decided to go ahead and decline it anyways rather than backing the Bears up 10 more yards which would have forced the Bears to have to re-play 3rd down making it a 3rd and 20 rather than a 4th and 10. Which instead of allowing the Bears to attempt a 47 yard field goal the Packers would have given themselves a chance to force the Bears to punt or to atleast attempt a longer field goal as long as the Packers stopped them anywhere short of gaining back 10 of those yards that would’ve been taken away by the accepted penalty. Instead the Packers declined the penalty (not too surprising, considering what we know about the 47 theme at play here) and allowed the Bears to attempt a 47 yard field goal which “luckily” for the Packers the Bears missed. Although it’s important to note that both of the Thursday Night Football announcers including long time NFL quarterback Tony Romo disagreed with the call to decline the penalty and expressed the nonsensical nature of the decision to decline a penalty that would’ve backed the Bears up out of scoring range. This further illustrates that the “NFL Script” is followed even when it runs counter to logical strategic decisions. The 47 yard attempt clearly takes priority over a logical acceptance of a penalty that can keep your opponent out of field goal range, and the scripting of the decision and the game was hinted at by Tony Romo, who, by disagreeing so strongly with the Packers decision to decline the penalty – let those who were paying attention know that logic was not at play here. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, Let them see and hear!